Areas of Practice

Commercial & Civil Litigation

We have represented clients in a wide variety of civil disputes, and particularly in complex commercial litigation. With our expertise, background and education, our attorneys are qualified to represent clients in the full range in civil litigation in state and federal courts and arbitration. Philip M. Giordano, Esq. is a former SEC staff attorney and federal prosecutor, with a wealth of experience in commercial litigation cases.

Corporate, Contracts & Securities

We have a breadth of experience in civil matters involving minority shareholder disputes, "freeze-outs", asset purchases, the purchase and sale of securities, employment law and business disputes. Our attorneys have handled a number of employment and intellectual property issues, involving licensing, infringement, proprietary rights and trade secrets.

Medical MalPractice

We have a long track record of focusing on cases involving personal injury, wrongful death and civil litigation. We have experience in medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, premises liability, product liability, wrongful death, and professional malpractice. Our attorneys focus only on the side of the injured victim; we do not represent insurance companies, hospitals, doctors, manufacturers, government, or large corporations.

Securities & FINRA Arbitrations

Our firm has experience representing individual investors in claims against brokerages for stockbroker, securities, and investment fraud in FINRA (NASD) securities arbitrations, or NYSE securities arbitrations. We specialize in cases involving potential investment fraud, misrepresentation, theft, negligence, churning and faulty investment products.

Intellectual Property

Our attorneys recognize that a company’s greatest assets are often intangible - its valuation is uniquely and critically dependent upon inventions, ideas, secrets and improvements. Our practice is specifically designed to assist the start-up and development stage company in practical, yet cost-effective, approach to the needs of protecting their intellectual property.

Employment Law

We take a multi-disciplinary approach to employment problems facing our clients. There is often too many tasks and not enough hands. Our attorneys are skilled in the preparation and drafting of employment manuals, work-for-hire agreements, on-disclosure agreements (NDA's), non-solicitation agreements, non-competition agreements.

Commercial Leases & Real Estate

Our firm manages all aspects of the commercial landlord/tenant relationship, from drafting to negotiation and documentation. We draft and review leases including retail, downtown office building, and industrial spaces. We handle leasing for landlords and business tenants throughout the state of Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.

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Allegiant Global Partners, Inc.

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